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This site denies access under COPPA. We may deny access for any lawful reason, and may collect/store data for exclusion and other uses. These terms may change, so re-read them when revisiting.

Visitors are parties to this agreement, along with the site and owners.

Don’t link, co-brand, frame or reference this site without permission. You must remove unauthorized activities and pay damages, whether we can quantify them or not. Access means accepting this.

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You waive claims of all damage from use, no matter how severe or unforeseeable. Our max liability is what you paid to use the site, if applicable. We aren’t liable for uncontrolled events.

You’ll defend and indemnify us against third party claims related to your use.

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Accurate registration is required. We can terminate accounts with false, outdated, or incomplete info.Site content is proprietary. Do not copy or exploit commercially without permission. Limited personal, non-commercial use granted.

We can monitor, take legal action against ToS violations, restrict/disable access, remove burdensome files, and manage the site to protect rights.We can terminate use/access for any reason without notice or liability. Can’t reregister under another name if banned.

No additional notice needed. Access means waiving notice rights.

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